Montreal to Toronto Train


If you want to go to Toronto from Montreal then the travel guide for Montreal to Toronto train schedule is shared here.

Montreal to Toronto Train

montreal to toronto train

Traveling by train from Montreal to Toronto is a convenient and scenic option. The journey takes you through the picturesque landscapes of eastern Canada. Here’s some information to help you plan your trip:

Train Service

  • VIA Rail Canada operates trains between Montreal and Toronto.
  • The main train service on this route is called “The Corridor.”
  • The Corridor trains are comfortable and offer amenities such as reclining seats, onboard Wi-Fi, power outlets, and a dining car.

Montreal to Toronto Train Time and Schedule

The duration of the journey varies depending on the train and the specific schedule.
On average, the trip takes approximately 4 to 5 hours.

Train schedules may vary, but there are usually several departures throughout the day, allowing for flexibility in planning your journey.

Departure and Arrival Stations

The departure station in Montreal is the Montreal Central Station (Gare Centrale), located in downtown Montreal.

The arrival station in Toronto is Union Station, situated in the heart of downtown Toronto.

Ticket Booking

You can book your train tickets online through the VIA Rail Canada website or by calling their customer service.

It’s advisable to book your tickets in advance, especially during peak travel seasons, to secure your preferred departure time and seat.

Montreal to Toronto Train Ticket Price/Fares

The fares for Montreal to Toronto train tickets can vary based on factors like the class of service, time of booking, and availability.

VIA Rail offers different fare options, including Economy class and Business class, each with its own pricing and amenities.

The ticket prices or fares for the train journey from Montreal to Toronto can vary depending on a few factors such as the class of service, time of booking, and availability.

Here are some general guidelines:

Economy Class: This is the standard class of service offered on VIA Rail trains. The ticket prices in Economy class tend to be more affordable compared to other classes.

The fares can range from approximately CAD 75 to CAD 150, depending on factors like the time of travel, demand, and availability.

Business Class: VIA Rail also offers a Business class option for passengers seeking a higher level of comfort and amenities.

Business class fares are typically higher than Economy class fares, but they come with additional benefits such as more spacious seating, meals, and access to the VIA Rail Business lounges. The ticket prices for Business class can range from approximately CAD 150 to CAD 300 or more.

Montreal to Toronto Train Stops

When traveling by train from Montreal to Toronto, there are several stops along the way. The main stops on this route include:

Montreal Central Station (Gare Centrale): This is the departure station in Montreal and the starting point of your journey.

Dorval Station: Located in the city of Dorval, just outside Montreal, this station serves as a stop for some trains traveling from Montreal to Toronto.

Kingston Station: Situated in the historic city of Kingston, Ontario, this station serves as a stop along the route. Passengers may board or disembark here.

Belleville Station: Located in Belleville, Ontario, this station is another stop on the journey between Montreal and Toronto.

Cobourg Station: Situated in Cobourg, Ontario, this station is sometimes a stop for certain trains traveling between the two cities.

Oshawa Station: Located in Oshawa, Ontario, this station is a major stop along the route and is often frequented by passengers traveling between Montreal and Toronto.

Union Station: This is the final destination and arrival station in Toronto. Union Station is a historic and iconic transportation hub in downtown Toronto, offering convenient access to the city’s attractions and transit system.

Please note that not all trains make stops at every station along the route. The specific stops may vary depending on the train service and schedule.

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